Rose M Evans (Roseanne)

President, Real Estate and Condominium Broker, AMO®, Executive CPM®, ARM®, ACM®,

Rose Evans is a highly accomplished and respected professional Real Estate and Condominium Broker with extensive hands on experience in managing a diverse portfolio of properties, including...
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Paul A. Jones

CPM ®, ACM®, ARM® Vice President, Partner, Associate Broker

Upon graduation from CDI College Paul worked privately designing computer programs for several companies in Edmonton. On January 2, 2000 Paul joined an Edmonton based Property Management Company...
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Marcy McMillan

Partner, Director of Corporate Finance

Marcy has been part of the Ayre & Oxford Inc. since February 1997. In those 25 years she has seen the Real estate industry transform and develop bringing on new challenges and opportunities....
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Robyn Brown

CPM®, ARM®, Vice President, Associate Broker, Partner

Robyn joined  Ayre & Oxford Inc. in 2011 as a licensed Property Manager.  Robyn has managed a portfolio comprised of Commercial, Condominium and Residential properties, and believes in...
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Khurram Hudda

Partner, Chief Financial Officer, CPA, CGA, ACCA, MSc.

Khurram is the CFO for Ayre & Oxford Inc.. He brings experience of working in commercial, condo and residential property management and aspires to support and strengthen the accounting team...
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Dorrie Stender

Condominium Manager, Associate

Dorrie Stender, joined us in 2022 with a passion for Condominium Management after initially starting her Real Estate career in Vancouver BC. She has now settled into the Alberta life and the Ayre...
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Izabela Murphy

Condominium Manager, Associate ( Currently on leave)

Izabela joined our Ayre & Oxford Inc. Team in early 2021. Throughout her time working closely with Owners and Board Members on a large portfolio, Izabela quickly realized Condominium Management...
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Amanda Hrycun

Real Estate/Condominium Associate Broker

Amanda joined Ayre & Oxford Inc in July 2016 with the mission to strive. While achieving her educational goals, Amanda has lead a busy lifestyle with a family, a full portfolio which includes...
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Brian Dennis

Maintenance Manager

Brian is very involved as the Maintenance Manager at Ayre & Oxford Inc.  Brian graduated from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, and has over 12 years experience in...
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Amanda Edwards

Senior Condominium / Property Manager, Associate

Amanda joined Ayre & Oxford Inc. in March 2018 as a licensed Property Manager. Her experience in Residential management has provided her with the knowledge to be a successful condominium and...
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Becky Lillico

Senior Property Condominium Manager, Associate, ARM

Becky completed her Commercial Real Estate licensing and was promoted to Senior Property Manager in 2020.Becky has proven to be a solid addition to our Management Team. Becky started with Ayre &...
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Sandra Hoffman

Senior Condominium Manager, Associate

Sandra joined Ayre & Oxford Inc. in April 2014 and shortly thereafter she completed all three CCI Condo Management courses.  Sandra  is part of our Senior Management Team offering...
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Danika Litke

Senior Property / Condominium Manager, Associate

Danika became a valued member of Ayre & Oxford Inc. in May 2015, marking the commencement of her journey with the company. In 2021, she achieved her Property Management licensing through The...
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Fadil Murati

Senior Residential Property Manager, Associate

Fadil began his career in Real estate when he joined the Ayre & Oxford Inc. team in 2005. In 2012 Fadil received his Property Management / Associate license through the Real Estate Council of...
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Tara Brown

Condominium Manager, Associate

Tara joined our team at Ayre & Oxford, in January 2022. Tara has used her customer service expertise, strong work ethic and thirst for knowledge to quickly further her career with Ayre &...
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Deanna Chacana

Condominium Manager, Associate

Deanna joined Ayre & Oxford Inc. in 2020 with a background in Real Estate and Residential Property Management. Deanna is a licensed Realtor licensed in Residential and Rural Real Estate through...
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