Ayre & Oxford Inc. work closely with the Board of Directors, we take Direction form the Board and assist the Owners with common area issues such as grass cutting, watering of the trees and lawn, snow removal, garbage removal, parking, pet issues, items pertaining to / in accordance with the Bylaws and move-ins on a day to day basis.

Our Property Management Team are a diverse group. We offer superior service, in a timely manner, with qualified staff. Our Management team tend to stay with us, as we treat them well, have incentives and additional training offers to assist with remaining top notch in our Industry. I supervise the Property Management Activities at Ayre & Oxford. We promote our employees to volunteer on Industry organization Boards such as The Institute of Real Estate Management, Association of Condominium Managers of Alberta, and the Property Management Advisory Committee to the Real Estate Council of Alberta.

With all of the above comes stringent ethical practices, which our clients find a high value in. Basic services including but not limited to the following:

Fiscal Management Account Services

  • Prepare and mail assessment notices
  • Prepare and mail delinquency notices
  • Arrears - recommend /pursue appropriate course of action
  • Prepare cheques to pay all obligations
  • Maintain accounting records
  • Furnish monthly statements for the Board of Directors of the Corporation
  • Coordinate auditors in preparation of audited financial statement and tax returns furnish yearly statements for members
  • Prepare annual budget for the Board of Directors review
  • Prepare Capital Reserve account recommendations for Board of Directors


Physical Maintenance Contracted for and Supervised

  • Common area maintenance
  • Grounds maintenance
  • Trash removal
  • Fire equipment inspection through a third party
  • Handle complaints and endeavor to secure compliance with rules and regulations
  • Lighting maintenance
  • ** Supervise major refurbishing programs. Additional charges are generally calculated at a percentage rate plus G.S.T of the total construction costs, unless otherwise negotiated and approved by the Board. The additional fees are designed to compensate Ayre & Oxford Inc. for the additional work required for the supervision of the specific project, trades and consultants, along with reporting and accounting functions required.


Physical Maintenance Provided

  • Regular inspection of buildings and grounds
  • Submit long range plans for repairs and replacements through a third party



  •  Attend regular monthly meetings (annually) of Board of Directors
  • Prepare notices, proxies, ballots, agendas and accounting statements for annual meetings
  • Attend annual meetings; write, duplicate and mail approved minutes


Records and Correspondence

  • Maintain accounting records for the Corporation
  • Duplicate and mail any newsletters approved by the Board



  • Recommend insurance appraisals and obtain proposals on insurance required by the Corporation



  • Review and recommend changes as required


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