Ayre & Oxford Inc employs a Maintenance Supervisor to assist in training procedures for physical maintenance and emergency on call procedures. 

Maintenance Supervisor: Brian Dennis

Maintenance Supervisor Objective:

-To create a professional maintenance division to provide the highest level of service and satisfaction to our clients, and reduce the contractor charges for regular and preventative maintenance tasks, along with emergency response procedures that can be performed by maintenance staff.

-This is accomplished by implementing the following procedures:

-Provide initial and ongoing training for current and new maintenance staff to complete duties and responsibilities to a pre-determined standard.

-Onsite instruction and orientation of all existing and future properties, for site specific requirements.

-Liaison with the Maintenance Administrator, to document new procedures & accomplish consistent communication.

Position reports to: General Manager

General Job Duties:

  • Contract review
  • Provide feedback and assist in implementing contract requirements
  • On site management and supervision of major contract work and update PM on progress and developments, insure all safety protocols are implemented and enforced.
  • On site inspections and sign off  prior to payment release
  • Monitor service contracts for Mechanical, Elevators, Fire safety and alarms to insure that contractors are completing the work and maintaining regular service logs

Plumbing and Mechanical

  • Monitoring of boiler make up air and domestic hot water systems
  • Preventative maintenance for valves, filters, pumps sump pumps and delivery devices
  • Operation and adjustments of zone valves, thermostats, bleed valves
  • Rotation and operation of all pumps and valves on regular schedules
  • Emergency generator testing


  • Troubleshoot for power loss in fixtures and receptacles
  • Replacing ballasts and lamps and exit signage
  • Servicing and setting of time clocks and exterior plug-ins
  • Monitoring alarm systems and re-setting as required
  • Updating entry systems and mechanisms

Windows and Doors

  • Repair and adjustments to door closers, hinges and locksets
  • Window and screen repair and operation
  • Weather-strip and seals replacement

Fire and Safety

  • Monitoring and visual inspection of all systems and appliances
  • Regular testing of CO2 monitors
  • Draining and testing of emergency lighting and batteries
  • Ensure Annual Fire Safety Inspections and certification requirements are met
  • Fire and Safety equipment and alarms

Workplace Safety

  • Safety procedures for ladders and reach systems
  • Hazard assessment
  • Emergency response and procedure
  • Workplace cleanliness
  • WCB Adherence
  • Occupational Health and Safety Adherence

Emergency On Call Procedure

  • Determination of emergency
  • Question and response
  • Responsibility to resident for safety and satisfaction
  • Documentation and liability for charges

On-Site Documentation and Records

  • Daily log books for mechanical systems
  • Contractor log books for services and work performed
  • Weather conditions and snow logs
  • Safety log books for hoists and lift equipment
  • Reference log for contacts and equipment locations and general building information

Education sessions

  • Coordinate Lunch and Learn and on site learning sessions to achieve objectives
  • Arrange for contractor and supplier involvement in training for updates on new products and techniques
  • Conduct training of new and existing staff to guarantee a consistent high standard of workmanship and ethical behavior

General Responsibilities and Duties

  • Interview and assess potential maintenance staff, including reference checks, skill levels, qualifications and character
  • Regularly work on site with staff to insure levels of workmanship
  • Prepare and organize on-call schedules and vacation coverage
  • Structure the properties into a 4 zone area to minimize travel and eliminate overlap of resources, this will enable staff to utilize the time to better perform the required duties
  • Review properties with PMs to determine future improvements and renovations
  • Meeting with contractors, engineers and suppliers to determine scope of work required for major contracts. Prepare detailed estimates for review with property managers as required
  • Attend condo meetings if required by property manager to discuss projects
  • Establish reports for annual inspection and certification for,
  • Elevators
  • Mechanical equipment
  • Structural integrity
  • Maintenance meetings to ensure clear communication, guidelines and teamwork.
  • Duties of responsibility as outlined in the Maintenance staff Job Description.

AFTER HOURS EMERGENCIES 780-499-8424 FROM 4:00 P.M. TO 8:00 A.M.

Ayre & Oxford Inc.'s After Hours Emergency Staff are trained to respond to calls for flooding, fire, lack of heat, water, and power, and out of service elevators, etc. 

The following items are not considered after hours emergencies: Lost keys or fobs, rental inquiries, noise complaints, parking issues and snow removal inquiries.  For these items please contact your Property Manager the following business day.