Home Owner Association and Resident Association Management have a unique set of Management challenges Ayre & Oxford Inc. eagerly embraces.

As Agents on behalf of the Association we become responsible as directed by the Board of Directors for the proper operation and administration of all aspects of the Association's roles, functions and obligations including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Annual fee notification and collection
  • Bookkeeping and banking
  • Managing and coordinating landscape maintenance and other landscape projects and services
  • Managing the maintenance of fixtures and equipment and all other contracted services
  • Carrying out the administration of the Association's affairs
  • Acting as the liaison with the City and overseeing liaison between the landscape maintenance contractor and the City
  • Insurance
  • Communicating with lawyers
  • Overseeing the application of the Encumbrance Agreements and By-laws
  • Reporting to the Board of Directors at scheduled meetings and as required
  • Annual General Meeting notification, making arrangements and receiving proxy statements
  • Monitor and inspect the maintenance work and address conditions and deficiencies with the contractor
  • Arrange and coordinate fertilizer and weed control services
  • Develop plans for landscape improvements
  • Determine shrub and plant replacements and additions, arrange for purchase and installation


Association Dues:

  • Mail annual dues invoices to all members
  • Maintain the mailing list of members and update when properties are sold
  • Maintain a dues spreadsheet listing all members and update when dues are paid
  • Collect outstanding dues for current and previous years
  • To collect and deposit monies payable to the Association pursuant to the Association's Articles of Association in a separate account, in trust, for the Association
  • To pay from the monies held in trust:

i) Trade accounts properly incurred;
ii) Insurance premiums payable for coverage required by the Association's By-laws;
iii) Utility and service accounts properly incurred; and,
iv) Any other sum as directed by the Board



  • Respond to member email messages and letters, respond to member concerns and provide a summary to the Board
  • Prepare an annual budget prior to the next fiscal year and submit to Board
  • Carry out bookkeeping and accounting
  • Check invoices, approve if correct and prepare cheques for submission to treasurer
  • Monitor bank statements
  • Provide the Board a summary of unpaid dues
  • Provide monthly financial statements to Board, handle enquiries into homeowner dues, obtain names of buyers to update the mailing list and spreadsheet
  • Correspondence and transcribing minutes
  • Maintain Association files
  • Manage, back-up and maintain Association computer files and records
  • Draft annual financial statement for Board and assist auditors


Related Activities:

  • Liaise with City departments for tree replacement, parks maintenance and servicing of refuse containers, snow removal and other City services that benefit communities


Reporting and Other:

  • The Property Manager reports to the President and liaises with other Board members and Officers as needed
  • Carry out other tasks that may be assigned by the President
  • All reports are to be directed to the Board of Directors
  • To do any other thing which can reasonably be expected to be done by the Manager, including, but not limited to the items listed in the Management Agreement

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