Joseph Rubay Licensed Property Manager | ARM®| CPM® Candidate

Joseph is passionate about people, business, challenging norms, and efficiency. He started his Residential Real Estate Management career as a Resident Manager in 2018. After some time of dedication and some graft, he worked his way up to managing hundreds of real estate properties.

Joseph loves his role in real estate management for mainly two reasons:

The first is that he is afforded the opportunity to help investors operate their investment professionally and help maximize their profitability while reducing the day-to-day challenges that come with it. The other reason is to enable each tenant to have an excellent quality of life by creating a sense of community and inclusivity. Finally, if everything goes well for the tenant, they stay longer, reducing tenant turnaround on the respective property and saving our clients’ money.

Joseph has extensive knowledge about rental acts, rules, and the associated red tape with investment and property management. He has attended many workshops and training courses over the years and still does; it’s essential to keep up to date with the latest and greatest ideas in the field. He has also learned from his mistakes making him proud of all his current results.

Joseph is an accomplished author of Managing Rental Properties: A blueprint for success. This book provides a pragmatic set of steps to maximize your income and reduce expenses while maintaining an exceptionally high occupancy rate and driving your revenue stream.

Joseph has regularly helped many real estate investors facing challenges with insufficient cash flow to bring the project back on track, fill their vacancies, and maximize their cash flow.

We are excited Joseph chose to join our Ayre & Oxford Inc, Team!

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