Senior Property Manager, Associate

Amanda was promoted to Senior Property Manager, Associate in Fall of 2019 after joining Ayre & Oxford Inc. in July of 2016 as a Property Manager, Associate.

During her time with Ayre & Oxford, Amanda has strived hard to work full time and advance her education and is working towards full completion of her Real Estate license. Currently Amanda holds a Property Management, Commercial and Residential license with the Real Estate Counsel of Alberta.

Amanda is experienced in large and medium six story walk up condominiums, high rise commercial/residential split condominiums, and commercial property management.

As evidenced by the advancement of her education and promotion, Amanda's commitment to her craft is second to none. She embraces the fast pace of Property Management and thrives under pressure. Amanda is a strong open communicator who prides herself on being accessible to her clients and team. Amanda holds herself accountable for all her actions and will always work to her best ability. Amanda supports Ayre & Oxford Inc. and plans to do so for the long term of her career and journey.

To contact Amanda please email