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Winter Commuting Tips

Published Jan 7, 2022
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If your winter commute has been a cold, slushy experience, we can help. Whether you travel via transit, bike, or subway we have a few tips on how to stay warm and safe during your winter commute. 

Walking a riding a bike can be a little more difficult during the winter. Remember to stay visible by remaining on the sidewalk or bike lane, even if they’re snow covered. Keep yourself visible by wearing bright outerwear and staying on designated walkways and bike lanes, even if they are snow covered. Protect yourself from frostbite by bundling up for all weather conditions. Layer your clothing from a thin breathable base, to wool, and finally a waterproof layer to keep dry. Always give yourself extra travel time and prepare for a wet commute. If the weather becomes extreme while you’re out, stop into a restaurant or retailer to warm up.

While your transit commute will provide warm ride, waiting for the bus can be a cold, long wait. Dressing in layers will keep you warm while outdoors, and you can easily to remove a layer if you overheat on the bus. If you’re cold, move around to generate body heat and use touch-screen compatible gloves so you can your fingers warm while accessing your phone. The Edmonton Transit app can send notifications on delays or alternate routes. Finally, it’s important to stay in the designated waiting areas and not to step onto the road incase the bus slides when stopping.

Snow may be removed promptly at most subway and train stations; however, you may still encounter snow piles, slush, or icy areas on your way in. Pack your shoes and opt for warm boots with lug soles for the commute. Protect yourself from theft by avoiding all distractions while walking through the station.  Once in the train or subway car, choose a seat furthest from the doors to avoid a cold draft. 

While winter weather is unpredictable, you can plan ahead to make your commute easier. If you’re looking for a new apartment closer to work, we have suites available in Edmonton, Red Deer, Vegreville, Vermilion, or Wetaskiwin.