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Apartment Living 101: Unwinding After A Long Day

Published Dec 16, 2019
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It can be hard to relax after a long or stressful day, but there are simple things that can help you unwind.

Self-care is your first line of defense against physical and mental health issues. Self-care can be anything from pausing to recognize your feelings to purposely doing something that makes you happy. 


Treat your apartment as a safe zone when you get home from work. Disconnect from the world for a little while by turning off (or muting) your cell phone and keeping radios and TVs off. Reading is a wonderful escape from the world and often calms our bodies and minds. As you read, your muscles relax, and your heart rate decreases. Find the perfect book at Audreys Books, just around the corner from our Rochester Apartments

Fragrance from essential oils can aid in relaxation; however, getting the right scent is key. Lavender, Jasmine, Rosemary, and Peppermint can all help with relaxation. Jasmine and Lavender are also stress relievers. Using essential oils and a diffuser in your home can help make your apartment more welcoming, relaxing, and peaceful. After a long hard day, a soak in a bubble bath with some essential oils can help you recover and soothe your mind. Find pure essential oils at Earth's General Store, just up the street from our Spanish Monarch building. 

Exercise can help you unwind, and that can include anything from yoga to aerobics. Any physical activity increases your body's production of endorphins, the hormone that makes you feel good. Next time you feel stressed or have had a hard day, take some time to exercise. Fitness Blender has a quiet exercise routine you can do in your apartment. 

Mindfulness (or meditation) is a wonderful way to relax and reduce stress. All you need to meditate is a quiet comfortable place to sit. Start by closing your eyes and focusing on your breathing. It may help to count your breaths. Continue this for five to ten minutes. Playing calming music or sounds can aid in relaxation but aren't necessary. Mediate everyday to take control of your thoughts, increase your patience, and improve your overall mental health.  

Practice self-care this holiday season and enjoy your time with friends and family.

Happy Holidays from Ayre & Oxford!