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Tips For Living On Your Own

Published Jan 15, 2020
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There are many advantages to living solo, like having more confidence and being self-reliant. However, it's a big adjustment that takes time to get used to.

If you're ready to move out on your own, we've got some tips to help smooth the transition.

The key to feeling confident while living alone is finding a safe and secure apartment. Look for an apartment with security features like a chain or swing bar security lock on your apartment door, well-lit parking lots, and secure entrances. Our Fox Two Executive suites in Edmonton offer heated underground parking, a security system, and include window coverings so you can feel safe and secure the moment you move in. 

Once you've settled into your apartment, it's important not to shelter yourself from the outside world. Too much alone time can make anyone feel a bit insecure. Get to know your neighbours, plan outings, and invite friends over. Getting involved in your community is the perfect way to meet new people and get to know your new neighbourhood. 

Enjoy being alone, but don't get sloppy. Being strict with yourself about keeping routines, cleaning, and other responsibilities is an important part of living alone. You should be able to rely on yourself more than anyone else. Buy a small toolkit for quick repairs and keep nonperishable foods and medicine on hand to so you don't have to go out if you get sick. 

Cooking for one can be a challenge for many people. A handy solution is to cook a larger meal and put the leftovers away for lunch or dinner another day. Some people like to prep a bunch of meals on the weekend to make mealtime easier through the week. You can even freeze your cookie dough, so you don't need to bake the entire batch at once. (This is perfect for when you have drop in guests or a cookie craving). 

Remember to embrace the privacy living on your own brings. Take advantage of being in control and do things in your apartment that you wouldn't if you had a roommate.


If you're looking to sign your first solo lease, we've got apartments available in Edmonton, Red Deer, and Vegreville.