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Small Holiday Dinner Party Ideas

Published Dec 17, 2021
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With the holidays quickly approaching, it’s time to start planning your festive gathering. Holiday parties don’t have to be elaborate; check out these fun ideas for small holiday get-togethers.

If your family or friends cannot meet in person, plan a virtual party instead. Since the start of the pandemic, families have been using virtual tools to stay in touch and services have greatly improved. Drop off gifts a couple of days ahead and do your gift exchange on camera or play some fun virtual games together. 

When hosting a dinner party, rely on some fantastic kitchen helpers to get that meal prepped and ready. A slow-cooker and an Insta-Pot can cook food with very little supervision, allowing you more time to focus on other dishes. Instead of a whole turkey, buy turkey legs and breasts to cook instead. Another handy trick is to use a cooler to keep drinks cold so you can save space in your fridge. And, avoid washing loads of dishes by using biodegradable plates for your meal and dessert.  

Take the stress and formality out of your holiday gathering by hosting a dessert party. Invite your guests over for a selection of desserts and beverages. Many desserts can be prepared hours, if not days ahead of time allowing you more free time to enjoy the experience. Don’t forget the hot cocoa, homemade eggnog, or other fun holiday drinks for your guests. Not a baker? No problem, The Duchess Bake Shop, steps from our Concord Apartments, has a wide variety of sweet treats for any occasion.

Want to host a meal, but feeling overwhelmed with all the cooking? Try going potluck instead. Either ask guests to each bring a side-dish and you cook the turkey or turn it into a full potluck where the entire meal is a collaboration of everyone’s favourite dishes. This can be a fun experience as everyone can bring something they love and even exchange recipes.

You can also host a hybrid holiday party. Invite a few in person guests and allow the rest to join virtually. This is perfect for those families who live far away from each other. 

This year, turn your holidays into small-idays and embrace the fun of cozy gatherings.