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Apartment 101: How to Save Water and Electricity in Your Apartment

Published Dec 10, 2020
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Getting surprised with a large utility bill can be overwhelming. Thankfully, there are several ways to avoid large bills, while saving water and electricity. 

Just as you would put on a sweater to warm up, you can add layers to your apartment décor to avoid turning up the heat. Add thermal drapes to your windows to insulate against the cold, an area rug on the floor for you to keep your feet warm, and flannel throws to the living room to cozy under. Swapping CFL or incandescent bulbs for LEDs is another great tip, because LED bulbs last longer and use less electricity. 

Saving water and electricity in the kitchen is also easy. Using an energy saving power bar for your small appliances can help you manage power usage as it allows you to turn off all appliances at once and eliminate phantom power usage. Keeping your fridge running smoothly will also save electricity. Be sure to keep the compressor coils clean and free of dust, so that the fridge doesn't overheat. 

There are simple adjustments you can make in the bathroom, too. For example, you can install a faucet aerator and a water saving showerhead to cut your water consumption down without a noticeable difference in pressure. Installing a dual flush adaptor to the toilet can also help you use half as much water when flushing. 

Some further tips to save water include turning off your faucets when washing your hands or brushing your teeth, and choosing to take a shower rather than having a bath. You shouldn't let the water run while washing dishes or produce, either. Identifying and fixing leaks immediately is also a great way to save water.

A few more energy-saving tips include always turning off the lights when you leave a room, cooking with a slow cooker or microwave more often, and turning down the heat at night when you are sleeping or when you are out. 

These simple changes can make a big difference on your water and electricity bills.