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Picture Hanging Tips for Renters

Published May 28, 2019
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Are you avoiding hanging anything in your apartment?

Start decorating the way you'd like with these simple picture hanging tips perfect for renters!

Picture hanging can be quick and easy with the right tools. Our favourites are damage- and worry-free and can be installed in just a few minutes.


Command Picture Hanging

3M Command hooks are perfect for renters because they allow you to hang pretty much anything without damaging the walls. They have a variety of standard and decorative hooks, and different strips to hang everything from posters to large canvases. Removal is easy and damage-free.


Monkey Hooks

The Monkey Hook, purchased at your local home improvement store, can be used without tools and can make picture hanging a breeze. This hook's curved design uses the back of the wall to securely hold up to 50lbs. For heavier objects, additional Monkey Hooks can be used. This hanging method, however, will leave a very small hole in the drywall.


Washi Tape

For hanging posters, photographs and lightweight art, Washi Tape is a great option. This decorative damage-free tape can be used to add a border to a photograph or a poster, or you can use Washi Tape to create unique designs right on your walls!


Make it level

No level? No problem! Check out these 3 levelling tricks:

  1. Download a level tool app on your smartphone to use.
  2. A clear water bottle filled a third of the way and secured with the lid makes a great level.
  3. Place a small round ball on the top edge of your frame, if it rolls, adjust the frame until the ball sits still.


Patching Damage

Not every method is damage free and sometimes you'll need to use a nail. Patching a nail hole is a quick and easy process. Simply put a dab of spackling paste on your finger and press into the hole, making sure it's filled completely, and the paste is flush with the wall. After it has dried, wipe the area with a wet rag to smooth it out.


Don't delay your decorating! Use these great tools to help turn your new apartment into a home.