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Oh baby! Living in an Apartment with an Infant

Published May 16, 2017
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Just because you are expecting, doesn't mean you are expected to move out of your apartment.
At Ayre & Oxford, we believe the family makes the home, not the structure.

Living in an apartment with a baby isn't difficult, it's just a little different.

The trick to living comfortably in an apartment with a new infant isn't about gaining more space. It's about choosing the right items for your space, and making room where you can. Would you believe it if we told you most of those baby items expectant parents are encouraged to buy aren't really necessary? It's true.

Babies are tiny, baby gear is not!

When you live in an apartment, use a checklist before you make a purchase,  to keep from over-buying baby stuff:

  • Is this item a necessity for myself/my baby/cleanliness in my apartment?
  • Do I have a place/space for this item when in-use and not in-use?
  • Do I already have something that has the same purpose/function as this item?
  • Will this item help with room clutter or add to it?

When you're shopping for baby items, we know your mini-me is your first priority! But it's important to also consider the space you have to work with. For larger items, look for collapsible products that can become compact and hidden away when not in use. For example, instead of buying a highchair, consider a travel chair that clips onto the table instead.

Here are a few other options that will help save space:

  • Purchase a well-made playpen instead of a crib
  • Use the kitchen sink to bathe baby until old enough for the tub
  • Buy a dresser with a change table top
  • Don't pre-purchase items for future baby stages - stick to the items necessary right now

When you live in an apartment a little neighbour noise is to be expected; however, if you are concerned your baby will wake the neighbours or visa versa, here are a few things you can do to help:

  • If you don't have carpets, buy area rugs with extra padding to muffle noises
  • Purchase a fan or white noise machine to have in baby's room 
  • Make sure baby isn't sleeping next to a shared neighbour or TV wall
  • The more items in a nursery, the less the noise will echo

If you are looking for a great apartment to raise a child in, check out our listings today.