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Meditation Benefits and Tips on Creating a Meditation Space in your Apartment

Published Oct 7, 2021
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Meditation is the practice of being aware of our activities, thoughts, and feelings. Meditation can help anxiety, depression, and stress. With the recent pandemic, many people are turning to meditation to help them through the trepidation they’re feeling. 

Because you already feel comfortable in your apartment, creating a meditation space can aid in your overall mindset and help remind you to practice daily. Creating a space to meditate isn’t difficult. Your meditation space just needs to be comfortable to sit in and free of distractions.

While you don’t need any tools to practice meditation, you can add calming music and therapeutic scents to aid in your relaxation. Meditating before bed can help you sleep better. A clear mind allows for a longer, higher quality sleep. 

With a meditation space in your apartment, you can easily meditate when it’s convenient. Because meditating can improve your positivity and increase your attention span, it can be beneficial to meditate before working, sleeping, or when feeling stressed and overwhelmed. 

Meditation helps you relax and find peace. To do this, simply sit in your meditation space and listen to your own breathing. Alternatively, you can listen for the sounds around you like birds chirping, cars driving by, or the weather. Focus on a sound and stay still while you clear your mind. Just 3 minute sessions when you feel it necessary will go a long way to boasting your mood and mindfulness. 

When you exercise, you expel stress and energy. Often mediating after exercising can further the benefits you feel during a workout. It’s sometimes easier to sit still for periods of time after exercising. Yoga is a wonderful way to gain mindfulness. Several yoga studios within Edmonton offer meditation classes including YogaLife Studios which offers virtual and in-person classes. Find YogaLife Studios just minutes from our Lakeview Estates and Royal Oak Towers.

Mediate daily to gain all the benefits we spoke of, plus you’ll find you’ve improved your mood and outlook on life. 

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