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Knowing your New Condominium Warranty and Preventative Maintenance Responsibilities

Published Jul 28, 2016

Knowing what your warranty covers, what the Condominium Corporation covers and what your responsibilities are as an Owner can save money and misunderstanding between an Owner, the Developer and the Condominium Board of Directors.

The purchase of a New Condominium does not always mean a 100% maintenance free lifestyle. Condominium ownership means you own the unit you live in and share ownership rights for the common space of the building therefore you need to know the Corporation Bylaws. If the Bylaws indicate Owner responsibility to maintain certain components of the property, keep in mind you will need to ensure you follow preventative maintenance guidelines provided at the time of purchase. Failure may result in a voided warranty.

Components the Corporation is required to Maintain, still require you to report any irregular component operation that may have damaging short or long term effects.