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In-Store Shopping: Navigating Stores During COVID-19

Published Aug 12, 2020
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We've arrived at the point where we can start going back out for shopping, dining, and certain recreational activities.

Before you shop, remember everyone wants to stay safe, so follow the rules and guidelines put in place by the specific store, as well as the province. It's now mandatory to wear a face mask in all indoor public places.

To reduce the number of people in a store at once, it's important to try to minimize your time in each store, with many stores limiting how many people can be shopping to promote physical distancing. Consider making a list before you leave the house to help keep your trips short and efficient. You can minimize crowding by shopping alone or only taking one person with you.

To help shoppers remain 6 feet apart, some stores have adopted directional arrows in their aisles. Although it may be frustrating and sometimes confusing, the directional arrows are in place to keep everyone a safe distance apart. When browsing, try not to handle anything you don't intend to buy.

Even though it's safe to try on clothing, it's still important to avoid touching your face and to sanitize your hands upon entering the store and after touching or trying on clothes. Any new clothing purchases should be washed before wearing.

When shopping, be patient and respectful of others and courteous to all staff. Don't pass others in an aisle when there isn't proper space. If you're in a hurry, shop during off-peak times to avoid line ups.

Never go shopping when you're feeling unwell; it's best to stay home and get some rest. If you need something, consider asking a friend or family member to shop for you, or where possible, use the contactless pickup option at your local store.

When you leave a store, sanitize your hands before removing your mask. If you plan on using your mask in another store, fold it in half to keep the part that touches your face clean, or wear it until you are finished all your shopping.

Whenever possible, shop local to support your community and businesses that may have struggled during the lockdown.

Remember that we're all in this together, so do what you can to help minimize putting yourself and others at risk.