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How to Handle a Difficult Apartment Neighbour

Published Nov 23, 2016
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Living in an apartment gives you freedom that you can't find living anywhere else. But, even with the best living arrangements, there is a chance that you could find yourself next door to a nuisance neighbour.

As with any home, you can't pick your neighbours, but you can choose how you deal with them. Here at Ayre & Oxford, we encourage our residents to resolve their differences amicably.

Be understanding and compassionate

When your neighbour's noise or other is bothering you, keep in mind some things can't be helped and might be out of your neighbour's control.

If the issue isn't disrupting your quality of life in your apartment or you think it might be a one-time or short-lived problem, try to be accommodating. To get around the issue in the short-term, you could:

  1. Listen to music (use earbuds for extra noise-cancellation) or watch TV.
  2. Buy scented candles or an indoor air purifier to place in your apartment.
  3. Run errands or go for a walk.

Open communication

Introduce yourself to your neighbour and politely start a conversation to get to know them. After you get to know your neighbour, talking about the issues you have may become easier. Always address your neighbour politely and be reasonable and considerate with any requests.

Speak with the Property Manager

If the issue is consistent and disruptive to your time at home and you've tried the above unsuccessfully, it's time to speak with the Property Manager. It's a good idea to keep a diary of when the noise or disturbance occurs and how long it lasts.

Please note: If any tenant speaks to you in a threatening or derogatory manner, speak to the Property Manager right away. Please remember that in emergencies or if you feel your safety is in danger, call the police directly.

File a formal complaint

When no amount of patience or politeness is helping and the property manager intervention wasn't able to resolve the issue, you can file a formal complaint with Service Alberta. All complaints must be filed with the Consumer Investigations Unit of Service Alberta in writing. To get information on how to submit a complaint, click here.

At the end of the day, your apartment community should be a safe, relaxing place where you can unwind, make great memories and enjoy the company of your fellow residents. Ayre & Oxford strives to ensure that all of our renters feel 'at home' at our properties and we will do our best to resolve conflicts in the best interest of all parties, in a positive and professional manner.