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How to Brighten Your Apartment During the Winter

Published Dec 7, 2021
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With the sun setting earlier, the days can start to feel a bit gloomy. It’s important to soak up as much sunshine as possible to avoid feeling the effects of seasonal blues. It’s also important to let that sunlight into your apartment. If your apartment is feeling a bit dark this season, we’ve got some tips to help you maximize the daylight coming in and brighten your apartment. 

Brightening your apartment starts with a few simple design changes. If your couch or other soft furniture is dark, lighten it up with a light-coloured throw or slipcover. When your furniture is lighter, the room feels brighter and sometimes it can feel bigger too. 

Your window screens are essential during warmer months, but during the winter, it can be helpful to remove them. Removing the screens from the windows will allow for more sunlight to stream into your apartment making it feel brighter. If you cannot remove your screens, cleaning them by vacuuming the dust off then wiping with a damp microfibre cloth. This will remove all the dust and dirt so the sun can shine in.

Dark drapes are perfect in the summer to keep out the heat and they’re helpful for sleeping, but in the winter, dark drapes can make your apartment feel darker. Swap out your dark drapes for light-coloured drapes or sheer drapes to allow for more light to filter through.

Mirrors can reflect light from the windows throughout the apartment. Hang a mirror across from a window to reflect any available daylight making the room feel larger and appear brighter. Mirrors work with artificial lighting too; just add a mirror near a table lamp or other light source to add light into the room. 

Plants and flowers can help too. Big leafy plants or plants with bright beautiful blooms can make a room feel fresh and bright. Plants like the snake plant and spider plant offer large green leaves, or African violets and lilies can brighten with big, attractive flowers. 

If your apartment is feeling too gloomy or dark, book a tour to view our bright and spacious apartment suites in Edmonton, Red Deer, Vegreville, Vermilion, or Wetaskiwin.