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How to Boost Your Cell Signal in Your Apartment

Published Jun 28, 2021
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You found the perfect apartment, but after moving in, find your cellphone has little to no signal.

While this is frustrating, it’s also fixable. Check out our helpful tips on boosting a cell signal in your apartment. 

When your cellphone won’t pick up a signal in your apartment, try switching your phone to WiFi connection. Using a WiFi connection, you can send and receive phone calls and text messages from anywhere in your apartment. Be careful though, using WiFi continuously can drain your phone’s battery quicker. 

Got a strong signal, but it’s only in the bathroom? Instead of only using your phone in the bathroom, purchase a cellphone signal booster. A signal booster helps to spread the signal you have throughout your apartment. This device can even make the signal a little stronger too.

Like a signal booster, a femtocell connects to your service provider's network using a broadband connection like cable or telephone line. This device, available through your cellphone provider, acts as a cellular base station to provide optimal signal. 

Another way to take advantage of a strong signal in one area of your apartment is to buy a Bluetooth headset. When you connect a wireless headset with your smartphone, you can leave your phone where the signal is good and move freely around your apartment. Best Buy has a wide variety of cellphone accessories to help you take advantage of a localized signal or to boost a weak signal.

Check with your carrier in case coverage isn’t inclusive in your area. Different carriers can have different coverage areas, so do a little research to see if there’s a cellphone provider in your area that offers a better signal.

When all else fails, Android and iPhone users can use apps to connect with others via messaging and voice communications. Android users can download Google Hangouts and iPhone users can use iMessage to make calls and send texts even with poor signal.  

When touring a new apartment, check the signal on your smartphone in each room of the suite. Try it when you view our available suites in Edmonton, Red Deer, Vermilion, and Wetaskiwin.