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Holiday Entertaining in Your Apartment

Published Oct 13, 2016
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Hosting Holiday dinners in your apartment can sometimes be tough.

With limited space and maximum family members, it takes creative thinking to use the areas you have to your advantage!

If you felt frustrated this past Thanksgiving, Ayre & Oxford is here to help you prepare for the next Holiday season. Follow these simple tips to help keep your guests happy and you out of the kitchen!

Embrace Potluck

Preparing a multiple course meal in an apartment comes with it's own set of challenges. Counter, stove and fridge space can fill up quickly and if you don't have everything timed correctly, you could risk being in the kitchen while your guests are enjoying their meals. Keep it simple by asking guests to each bring a side-dish, while you stick to cooking the big-ticket items. Assign dishes to work with your main course, or leave it open for guests to bring their favourite side. Make sure to tell guests how many people to prepare for and to only bring items that are pre-cooked, to avoid a traffic jam at the oven. 

De-clutter & Re-arrange

Create extra space and seating areas by picking up and putting away any unnecessary items, decor, and furniture. If you have more guests than table settings or need more elbow room, consider moving the table into the living room. Move furniture and decor out the way or remove altogether if possible, then place the table in the centre of the room. Add extra seating with a card table and rent or borrow additional chairs. If you can't move the table, but need more room-- consider an in-formal setting, allowing guests to spread out and eat where they like, while using the dining table as a buffet station.

Create a Coat Room

Extra coats and shoes will clutter up your entrance way. If you can, clear out enough items in your hall closet to make room for all your guests coats and shoes or simply designate a bedroom to store coats in.


DIY Bar & Snacks

Cooking dinner while also serving drinks and appetizers to your guests can be chaotic. Create various 'serve yourself' stations outside of the kitchen, to keep things easy for you and your guests! Prepare a few stations for guests using:

  • Side/End tables
  • Ironing board (great for hot items!)
  • Coffee table
  • TV tables
  • Bar Stools.

Don't use up valuable fridge space for cold drinks! If you have a balcony, utilize it by storing drinks in a cooler. 


Organize Dirty Dishware

Purchase a large rubber storage tub for the dirty dinner dishes. Quickly rinse them off and stack dishes inside the container. Place the lid and move the container out of the way. After the party, all the dirty items will be in one spot and your sink will be free for washing!

Ayre & Oxford Inc. wants to remind residents that hosting a Holiday dinner doesn't have to be stressful. Remember to relax and enjoy the time with your guests, the dishes can wait!