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Get the Most Out of Your In-Suite Apartment Storage

Published Jan 24, 2018

Do you have an Ayre & Oxford apartment that features in-suite storage spaces?

As a renter, this room can have unlimited potential!

If you've been using your in-suite storage space for a catch-all, it's time for an organizational overhaul! Start by emptying the room completely and separating your stuff into categories. Go through your items and purge anything you won't use.

Next, measure the entire room and then visit your local home improvement store to find some shelves or a closet organizer that will fit in your space. You are also going to want to purchase some plastic bins with lids. Clear bins work well because you can see the contents and stack them together. You can also add in some baskets or fabric pop up storage boxes.

Finally, add your items to the bins, baskets, and boxes and place them neatly in your space. Group like items together and always make sure your frequently used items are easiest to get to. Labelling your bins and baskets to help you (and everyone else) keep the space organized!


Don't have excess items to store? Not sure what to do with that bonus room? We've got a few alternative ideas you might like to consider!

Turn it into a pantry

Who doesn't need more room in the kitchen? Find a great closet organizer and start moving your food and cooking supplies into the pantry. You can also assign a designated space for cleaning supplies and cleaning tools. 

Create a peaceful space

Using your storage room as a library and reading nook or yoga and meditation space can be just what your apartment needs. Reading, meditating, and yoga are great ways to relax and relieve stress. Having a designated room for those activities can provide you with an escape after a long, difficult day.

Use it as a home office

If you are finding yourself too distracted when working from home, consider turning your storage space into a home office. Look for furniture that will provide the most storage in the room. A secretary desk, filing cabinets, and a bookcase can all help you stay organized in your new space.


If you need an apartment with more space, come view our suites today!