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Fun Ways to Communicate While Social Distancing

Published May 13, 2020
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With social distancing orders still in effect, it can be hard to keep lines of communication open and interesting.

Because being social is important to our mental health, we've come up with some fun ways to connect during this pandemic.

Movie night is a favourite pastime that is sorely missed. Netflix has created a way for anyone to enjoy virtual movie night with their Netflix Party Chrome extension. With this extension, a group of people can synchronize their movie or show watching and chat in a group chat. Another useful app for synchronized movie watching is TwoSeven, and with a subscription you can watch Disney+, Amazon Prime, or YouTube together. 

While meeting up with friends at a café is impossible right now, you can still have your coffee dates virtually. Both the Zoom app and Google Meet offer secure meetings for up to 100 people. Set up is easy, simply register with your email address in Zoom or sign into your Google account for Google Meet. Then invite your friends and enjoy an afternoon chatting over coffee. 

Pen Pals may be a thing of the past, but now's the perfect time to bring them back. Everyone loves receiving mail, so teach your kids how to write letters and mail them. Grandparents, friends and loved ones will enjoy seeing the handwritten letters and your kids will get excited to get their own mail back. Kids can even send hugs in the mail. Create a hug by tracing each hand on thick paper. Then, measure their arm span between each wrist with ribbon. Secure the handprints to the measured ribbon to create a hug.    

If you live close to a relative, try window visits. These fun visits allow face to face connections with the safety of a pane of glass between you. Or, if you live too far apart, try Facebook's video chat. Just use the messenger app on your smartphone or laptop for a free video chat with friends and family. 

With these fun ways to communicate we can be together, apart. 

We hope all of our residents are staying safe and healthy.