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Fun Things to do in your Own Apartment

Published Feb 24, 2023
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Who says you have to go out to have a good time? You can plan a fun, exciting, or relaxing time right in your own apartment. Check out these 5 fun ways to stay entertained, occupied, and connected to family and friends.

Parties are a fun way to gather your friends and family together. Just because you live in an apartment, doesn’t mean you can’t have a fun party. If your apartment is too cozy for a sit down dinner, try having an ice-cream party instead. Buy a few different tubs of ice-cream and gather all the fixings you can imagine. Then let your guests build their ice-cream sundae the way they want. Other fun party ideas include cupcake or cookie decorating, murder mystery, or flower arranging.

Movie nights are the perfect way to top off a week with the family. Can’t decide on a movie? Have one member of your family pick the movie one week, then alternated throughout the rest of the family each week so everyone gets a say in the movie choice. Don’t forget the snacks; movie night isn’t the same without popcorn, chips, and candy.

Trying out a new workout routine? Invite a friend over to workout in your apartment with you. Exercising with a partner can help you stay on track and stick with a routine better than if you were to go it alone. Exercising in your apartment provides privacy and eliminates the cost of a gym membership. Top off your routine with a post-workout social hour and enjoy a relaxing time with a friend.

Art can be calming, relaxing, and help reduce stress. Whether you draw or colour on your own or get creative with others, art can be a wonderful way to express your mood. There are tons of art tutorials on YouTube for adults and children alike. For kids specifically, Art for Kids Hub is a wonderful resource that teaches children how to draw their favourite things step by step.

Finding an apartment can be just as easy as having fun in it. We’ve got several apartments available throughout Edmonton, Fort Saskatchewan, Redwater, Vegreville, Vermilion, and Wetaskiwin.