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Fun Family Date Night Ideas

Published May 13, 2022
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Family fun dates are an excellent way to strengthen a family unit and create bonds between family members. These dates are also a perfect way to take a break from technology and interact with each other in fun and creative ways.

There are many ways families can spend time together without leaving their apartment. Cooking as a family can help curb picky eaters and make lasting memories. Make it fun by letting the kids decide what to cook for dinner or bake a dessert instead. Learn new recipes together or teach the rest of the family a favourite recipe. 

Family game night can be with board games, card games, or even video games. The card game Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza is perfect for all ages and easy to play. Our favourite boardgame for families is Labyrinth, a constantly changing maze game fun for all ages. Video games designed for up to four players can help families learn to collaborate on mutual goals. Super Mario 3D World is a fun game for up to four players that can get tricky if you don’t work together. 

Family painting is easier to do than you might think. YouTube offers several beginner tutorials for kids and adults. Canvases and paints can be bought at the dollar store and using a YouTube tutorial, everyone can create the same picture. Finished art can be given as gifts to family members or friends. Step up your family fun by booking time for family art at the Creation Space, just minutes from our Helen’s Suites in Edmonton.

Gardening is a fun way to spend time as a family while growing produce you can use. Grow vegetables and plants on your balcony or apply for a plot at your neighbourhood community garden. There are community gardens located all over Edmonton for renters to grow things they’re interested in. 

Enjoy group activities everyone will love when you get outside or visit Edmonton attractions as a family:

  • Family picnics at the neighbourhood park
  • Go swimming or skating
  • Take in a baseball game
  • Explore Snow Valley (Aerial Park in summer or Ski Club in winter)
  • Join a family program at the Edmonton Public Library
  • Go to the museum or art gallery