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Floor Décor – Damage Free Ideas to Decorate your Rental Floors

Published Sep 23, 2022
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Many people don’t think about decorating their floors, but a little style adding to the floor can make your apartment pop. Living in an apartment usually means no big changes; so, we’ve got some ideas that’ll spruce up your floors, without damaging your rental.

Start decorating your floors by using multiuse furniture to remove clutter and reduce the amount of stuff on your floors. Pair that clean sleek look with elegant floor lamps to properly luminate the space. The addition of a copper or bronze floor fan will keep your space cool while also adding a visual interest. Pull the room together with a few large indoor plants set on the floor and some of different sizes around the room.

A carpet runner in high traffic halls can not only protect the original flooring but will add colour and warmth to the space. For high traffic areas, choose something that is durable but colourful. A low pile carpet runner can be secured to the floor (to remove tripping hazards) with a double sided tape that won’t damage existing flooring. Plus, this tape can be removed easily without leaving a sticky residue. 

Spruce up your kitchen or bathroom tile with washi tape in intricate designs. This designer tape is easy to apply, removes without residue, and comes in thousands of designs and sizes. Alternatively, removeable wallpaper can work the same way by being cut to size and used to decorate tile flooring or backsplashes. Tile stickers also go on single tiles easily and won't cause damage, quickly transforming a plain flooring into something with a pattern or added embellishment. 

Even if you have wall to wall carpeting in your rental, you can still add some colour and design to your floors. Area rugs come in all types of designs and sizes and can be laid right overtop of carpeting. Keep your rugs in place over carpeting with carpet grippers. These removeable and reusable pads stick to the bottom of the area rug and prevent slippage over any surface

So even if you’re in love with your beautiful new flooring in your Alberta rental, using some of these design suggestions can transform your rental to reflect your personal style.