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Fall Cleaning: What to clean in your apartment before winter

Published Oct 21, 2022
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Fall is a lovely time of year to cozy up under a blanket, but make sure that’s all you’re cozying up with by doing a thorough deep clean of your apartment.

Not unlike spring cleaning, a fall cleanup will target all the most used areas throughout the apartment. To get started, go around your apartment to pick up and eliminate clutter that’s gathered over the summer. Now is a good time to put away all the summer gear, clothing, and accessories. 

When doing a deep clean, always work from the highest point to the lowest. Wipe down ceiling fans to clean off any collected dust, then set them to spin clockwise on a low speed to help circulate warm air back to the room. Clean out all light fixtures and lamp covers to remove all dead insects, dirt, and debris that has collected, then dust off lamp shades with a dry microfibre cloth or a sticky lint roller. 

A lot of dust and dirt can collect on windows, screens, and their tracks over the summer. Remove your curtains or blinds and clean them. Then vacuum out the tracks with a small nozzle tool, and clean the gunk out of the track with baking soda and vinegar. You can vacuum the screens or remove them to clean with soap and water. Wash the windows as normal, then put the curtains or blinds back up.

Clean all your appliances, then pull them out to clean the space underneath and behind them. You’ll also want to give your small appliances a little deep cleaning. Clear out all the crumbs from the toaster, use a three to one mixture of water and vinegar to clean a coffee maker, and clean the microwave with vinegar and steam.

Always remember to clean the dirtiest areas of your apartment first and dust before vacuuming. Germs, dust, and dirt all collect on your furniture and hard surfaces around your apartment. Doing a thorough clean before winter will give you a fresh start and a better chance to stay healthy. 

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