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Explore Edmonton with Self-Guided Tours

Published Nov 13, 2020
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Edmonton is a beautiful city full of rich history and iconic sights. Whether you are a local, new to the city or a seasonal resident, self-guided tours are the perfect way to explore all Edmonton has to offer.

So why don't you learn more about our military contributions in Edmonton this November? As you walk this self-guided tour of Beechmount Cemetery, you will see the Field of Honor for fallen veterans of WWI and the Cross of Sacrifice, which stands 24 feet tall as a symbol to honor all veterans past, present and future. This beautiful cemetery also pays tribute to the city's multicultural history. Minutes from our Regal Arms apartments, Beechmount Cemetery is a beautiful space dedicated to our rich historic past. 

Moreover, Edmonton's ArtTourYEG is a series of four walking tours that focus on outdoor art sculptures, tributes and prose throughout the city. For example, the Jasper Avenue tour takes you through the ICE District to explore the whimsical steel sculptures and their unique stories. Residents from the Fox Two high-rise live just minutes away from the first stop on the tour. 

You can walk, ride, or even drive in the footsteps of the past with Edmonton's historic self-guided tours. Another great option - the Strathcona Historical tour starts at the Strathcona Public Library, just minutes from Kativa Apartments and ends at the Canadian Pacific Railway. Finally, the Oliver Historical tour, which is separated into East and West tours, starts at LeMarchand Mansion, near to Uptown Estates.

Love Edmonton's River Valley? The Walterdale Walking Tour explores the historic industrial side of the River Valley. The journey starts at the John Walter Museum, minutes from our Verdwell Apartments, and follows the river to the Dudley B. Menzies Bridge, where you can walk on the pedestrian bridge for an amazing view of the river.

If you are eager to see more of Edmonton, consider downloading the GPSMYCITY sightseeing app. This app transforms your smartphone into a tour guide navigating you through the stops on your chosen tour. There are four sightseeing tours of Edmonton to choose from and  you can set your starting point and pick the areas of the city you would like to see. You can even create your own sightseeing tour within the app!