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How to Eliminate Bad Cooking Odours

Published Feb 24, 2021
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While living in an apartment you'll often be faced with lingering or persistent smells.

Whether it's an overcooked or strong-smelling meal or just the neighbours' cooking seeping into your apartment, lingering odours can be unpleasant. The good news? We've got some solutions to help you clear the air. 

Whether your meal turned out exactly right or a little overdone, the act of cooking creates odours that sometimes cannot be easily removed. However, your stove vent can surely be your first secret weapon. Turning the vent on before you start cooking and keeping it on after you finish will help suck up the remaining smells in the kitchen. Smells can linger longer when dirty pots and dishes are left in the sink, so we highly suggest cleaning right after you cook. 

Even the best of chefs can't avoid leaving some lingering odour at times. You can, however, help absorb these smells while cooking with a bowl of baking soda on the countertop beside the stove. For those who enjoy coffee, brewing a pot of coffee after dinner can also neutralize strong odours. 

Furthermore, your microwave can be the cause of kitchen odours too. Whether you burnt the popcorn or just haven't gotten around to giving it a thorough cleaning, smells within your microwave can stink up your kitchen with each use. You can easily clean sanitize your microwave with vinegar

When odours linger, you should eliminate them with a stovetop simmer. Before you simmer anything for odours, consider these safety tips. First of all, you should never leave your simmer unattended as the liquid could evaporate and burn causing worse odours. Secondly, your simmer should only reach low or medium temperature. You will also need to watch your pot and adjust the temperature accordingly. Moreover, you shouldn't leave anything near the cooking pot. We recommend removing all potholders, oven mitts, and towels from the area. Lastly, keeping a fire extinguisher in your kitchen and knowing how to use it in the event of a fire is essential.

We advise to simmer a cup of vinegar on the stovetop while cooking or while eating to absorb odours. We also suggest you try these other simmer pot recipes. For an even safer option, you can use your slow cooker to fill your apartment with a fresh scent.

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