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Easy, No-Bake Lunchbox Snacks

Published Sep 25, 2017
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Save yourself time in the kitchen by preparing these fun and nutritious snacks that don't require any bake time!

Celery Snackers

Ants on a Log ingredients: 

  • Celery sticks
  • Peanut butter (or alternative)
  • Raisins

Fish in a Stream ingredients:

  • Celery sticks
  • Cream Cheese
  • Goldfish-style crackers

Wash and cut celery stocks into 4-inch pieces. Fill celery with cream cheese or peanut butter and top with raisins or crackers. Have fun creating your own celery snacks by changing the filling and toppings however you like!

Kids Choice Snack Mix


  • 1 cup cereal (Cheerios, Shreddies, Chex, etc.)
  • 1 cup raisins or chocolate chips
  • 1 cup bite-size crackers
  • 1 cup bite-size pretzels

This snack is easy enough the kids can make it themselves! Mix up the ingredients in a large bowl and divide into snack bags or snack containers. Yields up to 5 servings.

Marshmallow Cereal Squares


  • 6 cups cereal (Rice Krispies, Cheerios, Corn Flakes, Puffed Wheat, etc.)
  • 3 tablespoons butter
  • 40 regular size marshmallows

Grease a spatula and 9 x 13-inch dish with butter or cooking spray. In a large nonstick pan, melt butter. Stir in marshmallows until completely melted. Remove from heat and add cereal of your choice. Mix until evenly coated with marshmallow mixture. Press into greased dish with greased spatula. Set aside to cool (about 30 minutes), then cut into squares. Squares can be individually frozen by wrapping in plastic wrap and placing in zip close bag. Add frozen squares directly into lunchbox - they will thaw by lunchtime! For a healthier twist, try this no marshmallow recipe!


Tortilla Roll-ups


  • Soft tortillas
  • Cream cheese
  • 3 Slices of lunch meat
  • Lettuce

Spread the cheese over the tortilla to cover it completely. Lay lunch meat over cream cheese and top with lettuce. Roll the wrap tightly making sure to tuck in the ends as you roll. Cut into serving size pieces and pack in a snack container. This snack can be made however you like, just change up the ingredients!

Fruit Kabobs


  • Various types of fruit, cut in bite-size pieces
  • Popsicle sticks

Add washed and cut fruit to popsicle sticks and wrap with plastic wrap or place in a snack container. *For older kids, use bamboo skewers to hold more fruit.