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Clothes storage tips for small spaces

Published Nov 7, 2022
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Longing for a beautifully organized closet, but stuck with a single rod in your rental? While you may not be able to get a drill out and install a functional built-in closet organizer, but there are several wonderful handy solutions that will transform your single rod closets into organized bliss – without the use of a power tool. 

Own more clothes than fit in your closet? That’s a common problem among renters and homeowners alike. Closet organizers don’t have to be built in anymore, there’s several different styles designed to work together or separately. Assess the space in your closet, then pick a variety of options from hanging organizers to free standing shelving. Hanging organizers hang on your existing closet rod and offer more storage options.

Find more space in your closet by adding a dresser or bookshelf to your closet. Slide it in to sit below the hanging clothes to store folded clothing like pants, sweaters, and even shoes. When you have a dresser in your closet, it frees space for additional clothing storage while also adding space to your bedroom. Alternatively, add an additional dresser to the room to store clothes worn frequently and use the smaller dresser in the closet for seasonal clothing and accessories. 

Space saving hangers are a perfect choice for anyone with limited space or modest closet space. These metal hangers consist of 6 to 12 hanger spots and can be hung horizontally or vertically to save up to 30% of space in your closet. These are perfect for grouping like items together and help keep your clothing organized while saving space. 

Storing your out of season clothing can help expand your closet space. Vacuum storage bags can triple your storage space and keep your clothing free from odours, pests, and other damaging storage hazards. Once filled, suck the air out of the bags and store the thin storage bags under a bed or on the highest closet shelf. Shoes easily store under the bed in a shoe storage organizer.

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