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Can I Compost in an Apartment?

Published Mar 30, 2021
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Edmonton is on the path to becoming a zero waste city.

The goal is to stop food waste from going to the landfill and creating harmful greenhouse gases. As a resident of Edmonton, even while living in an apartment, you can help.

While apartment buildings using one large communal garbage bin aren't currently participating in the new cart program, there are still ways residents can contribute. 

People have been composting for centuries, but in the last decade, apartment composting has become more common. Many renters think of composting as messy and smelly; however, when done properly, indoor composting is mess-free with only a slight earthy scent, if any.

There are four ways to compost in an apartment:

When composting in your apartment, remember to keep your chosen system clean and maintained. If you find you're filling your composter too quickly, freezing any scraps in a resealable container to compost later will eliminate added smell and waste. It may be difficult to use all your composting product, so spread the wealth to a friend or a community garden.

Edmonton's own Compost 'S Cool is a fabulous resource for anyone wanting to start composting. In addition, those with more questions than answers can turn to an Edmonton Master Composter for helpful advice.