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Are You Ready to Upgrade Your Apartment?

Published Feb 23, 2018
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There are many great reasons to upgrade to a bigger apartment! 

Some can be obvious while others can come from a subtle change in your lifestyle.

Think you need more space? Ayre & Oxford have three great reasons to upgrade your apartment.

#1 Your family is growing

The most common reason to get a bigger apartment is a growing family. When you first moved in, your apartment was perfect, but as your relationship grew, so did your stuff! It's time to start looking for a larger apartment when your storage solutions no longer work or you're feeling quarters are getting tight when sharing the space.

Having a baby may not be a reason to move, but as the baby grows, so does its' needs. A bigger apartment can offer more room to play and give you as parents, a little more space of your own. If you are running out of bedrooms for you and your children, or finding you have no room for the extra baby things, it's time for a bigger apartment.

#2 You want to do more with your apartment

It's normal to outgrow an apartment without adding to your family. New hobbies can sometimes take up a lot of extra space, and when you are finding it hard to separate your hobby from your living room, you might want to consider an upgrade!

Your kitchen can also give you a hint on when it's time to move. If you never really spent much time in it before, but now you are cooking and baking all the time, you may also be dreaming of more counter-space and larger appliances that can come with a bigger apartment.

#3 You have a bigger budget

Sometimes the need for a bigger apartment isn't always obvious. You may have just the right amount of space to live in, but are longing for some luxuries you can't find in a smaller apartment. Perhaps upgrading could finally give you space for that guest room or office you've being wishing for.

Is your new job keeping you busy? Now is a great time to upgrade to add a few extra luxuries that comes with more space to work with. If having a built-in dishwasher, in-suite laundry, or an extra bathroom sound nice, then it might be time to upgrade your apartment.


Bonus Reason: You've grown up!

Were you a student or a new grad when you first moved into your apartment? Have you grown your career into a bigger paycheck and more adult lifestyle? Sometimes we simply mature out of the space that we started in and that's okay! If you're looking to turn your student digs into something a bit more reflective of your own maturity, you might want to consider an apartment upgrade.

An upgrade doesn't necessarily always mean 'bigger'. Think about upgrading your community (student neighbourhood vs. quiet, young professional neighbourhood), your commute time to work or the amenities available within walking distance. 


Regardless of the reason YOU have to upgrade your apartment, Ayre & Oxford has many buildings and suites that could be a perfect fit for your new home!