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Apartment 101: Security Systems For Renters

Published Feb 12, 2021
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Renting an apartment in a professionally managed building can be secure enough, but you can still add a security system for some extra peace of mind. Whether you rent an apartment, condo, or a house, there's a security system to meet your needs. 

We advise considering all your options, while also making sure that the system you will choose offers damage-free installation, works through internet or cell signal, and is transferable.

We've researched three top rated security systems available in Canada: Frontpoint, Ring, and SimpliSafe.



This system has an A+ reputation on the Better Business Bureau and is perfect for renters. Along with its many benefits, Frontpoint offers easy DIY installation with wireless sensors. Its installation doesn't require drilling. In fact, the components use a similar adhesive as the popular 3M Command hooks which is easily removable. 

Among the advantages of this security system is the fact that it monitors fire, water and carbon monoxide. There is no contract required and the company offers free shipping and return shipping. Frontpoint also works well with Alexa and Google Home. Moreover, it offers a moving kit in case you decide to relocate with your family.

Among the only disadvantages of Frontpoint, we'd like to mention that there is a high monthly fee of $44.99 USD and that the premium plan is required to activate additional features.



The Ring security system features a low cost kit with the option to self-monitor or subscribe to monitoring for as little as $3 USD per month. All devices are sold separately, so renters can build the system that works best for them. 

To name its advantages, the Ring offers 24-hour battery backup, optional peephole camera with damage free installation, compatibility with Alexa, and no need for a contract.

Among the disadvantages, you will have to buy equipment upfront, which also requires a wireless internet connection. It also encourages a wall mount installation. 



This portable security system is ideal for renters due to its low monthly monitoring fees and customizable packages. 

Speaking of its pros, SimpliSafe is compatible with Alexa and Google Home, its monitor identifies humans, while not reacting to pets moving, and it offers free shipping, including return shipping. Moreover, there is also no need to sign a contract. 

As for its cons, SimpliSafe doesn't work well for self-monitoring and it requires a premium plan subscription to activate some features.


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