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Apartment Living 101: Recycling

Published Apr 24, 2017
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Recycling your waste is a great way to help the environment and reduce what goes into the landfills.

There are lots of ways to recycle while living in an apartment, even if your building doesn't offer a recycling program. At Ayre & Oxford Inc., we encourage recycling and have a few clever ideas to help.

Upcycling can be a great solution while living in an apartment. Turn your recyclables into something useable: an old yoga mat can be a bulletin board, a glass jar into a terrarium for succulents or air plants. When you think creatively, you can turn just about anything into something new.

If your apartment building doesn't offer a recycling program, use Earth911 to find a facility near you. Most places will accept recyclables and organic food wastes along with some hard to recycle items like electronics, batteries, and oils.

Storing your recyclables is easy when retailers like Canadian Tire, Ikea, and Bed Bath and Beyond sell storage bins that are practical and look great in your apartment. The Green Lid compost bin is perfect for organic waste with it's no leak, no smell guarantee.

To help you recycle even more, we've researched places that will accept items that aren't normally included in a residential recycling program.

  • Writing Instruments: Return your pens, markers, mechanical pencils, and other writing instruments to your local Staples store to be recycled.

  • Gift Cards: Your used gift cards can be recycled at the Londonderry Mall guest services desk.

  • Cigarette Butts: Sign up for Terracycle and recycle your used cigarettes, ash, and foil for free.

  • Plastic Air Fresheners: You can now drop off your used air fresheners, refill cartridges, plastic trigger heads, and other similar products at your local London Drugs.

  • Clothing: H&M launched a Bring It On campaign to stop clothing from ending up in a landfill. Bring in any brand and style of clothing to a store near you. Clothing will either be donated and worn again, recycled into new clothing, or broken down and reused in other products.

Helping the environment is easy, reducing your waste is even easier when you consider the recycling options in your area!