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Apartment Living 101: Holiday Dinner Parties

Published Dec 18, 2017
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The spirit of the season is being together with the people we love.

Ayre & Oxford has a few simple tips and suggestions that are sure to help you plan the perfect dinner party for your guests.

A dinner party is still a dinner party even if you only invite 4 people! Work with a number that you can comfortably accommodate and try to invite guest with shared interests. Once your list is complete you can plan out your seating. If you are able, move your dining table into your living room so guests have more space and you might even be able to squeeze in a couple extra chairs!

Time to set the atmosphere! Remember that less is more, so don't steal table space by using a centerpiece. Instead, decorate your walls, windows, and doors and use candles and low lighting. The right music can set the mood; find the perfect holiday playlist on Spotify, Apple Music, or SoundCloud and play music softly during dinner so your guests can still carry a conversation.

Planning the meal is a big job, but when you start early, you can make it easy! Look for recipes that can be prepared and cooked ahead of time. For anything that can't be reheated, try using a slow cooker or instapot. Save even more time in the kitchen by serving a no-bake dessert. And, if the meal planning becomes overwhelming, embrace the idea of a potluck. Your guests can bring their favourite sides and you can provide the main entree!

It's normal to want to offer all kinds of drinks at a party, but when you are tight on space, streamlining your options is essential. Set up a drink station to avoid taking up valuable space in your fridge and make it fun by serving a festive cocktail.

Clean up will be much easier when you skip the dishes! Purchase some nice festive paper plates and plastic cutlery instead. Once dinner is over, sit back and relax and enjoy the visit with your guests.

Happy Hosting!