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Apartment Friendly Halloween Décor

Published Oct 15, 2019
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Whether you have kids or are a kid at heart, have fun this year with spooky Halloween décor. 

We love seeing our residents decorate their apartments for the holiday. Get into the spirit with these apartment friendly décor ideas.


Decorate the door

Even if your apartment door faces the hallway, decorating it is a fun way to welcome yourself home, and lets kids know you have candy to hand out on Halloween night. Here are a few Halloween door decorating ideas:

  • Turn your door into a mummy by wrapping it with white streamers and adding big black circles for eyes.
  • Create a fun Halloween wreath or pick one up ready-made for Halloween.
  • Zigzag some caution tape across the door and add fake cobwebs and spiders.


Easy interior ideas

Embrace Halloween in your apartment and add a little something spooky to every room. 

  • In the bathroom, swap out your shower curtain for one that's Halloween themed.
  • For a subtle touch, add some bright throw pillows in orange, purple, or green, or buy a Halloween throw blanket for the couch.
  • Create simple mason jar lights for a tasteful centrepiece or accent piece. Make them into mummy's with gauze and googly eyes, or fill them with cotton balls and plastic spiders. Add a tea light or glow stick to illuminate them for a spooky glow. 
  • Use black washi tape to create a spider web or spooky tree on your wall.


Exterior decorating ideas

In an apartment, you can decorate your windows and your balcony for the neighbourhood to see. Cut out stencils from black poster board and place them in your backlit windows to create a frightful scene. On your balcony, display your pumpkins, hang ghosts, or draw faces on empty white jugs and light them up. 


What you put up, must come down

In order to keep your apartment in good shape, opt for decorations with clean removal. Michaels has rolls of Halloween washi tape that will add the perfect touch to your décor without damaging the surface underneath. When hanging decorations, choose masking tape over clear tape, or try Command poster strips and hooks.