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Apartment Bedroom Redecorating Made Easy

Published Jan 13, 2023
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Just because you live in an apartment doesn’t mean you can’t redecorate your bedroom into something chic and trendy. Afterall, a well decorated and designed bedroom will positively affect your mood and sleeping habits. 

When you’re redecorating a bedroom, look for ways to add more by spending less. Redecorating doesn’t mean replacing. Your bedroom furniture might just need a little TLC or paint to completely transform it. Just as a little jewelry can dress up an outfit, replacing your furniture hardware can rejuvenate your bedroom. Look for new drawer handles and hinges that add a little luxury to your room.    

Because the eye generally is drawn to the bed when entering the room, switching out your bedding can dramatically change the dynamic of the room. While bedding can be expensive, look for quality over brand and opt for 100% cotton with a thread count between 300 and 500. Top off the new look with a few overstuffed accent pillows to add that high-end feel. 

Clutter doesn’t belong in your newly redecorated bedroom. Clean and clear all clutter from the room, then use stylish baskets and containers to store anything you’ll need readily available. For added storage space, try adding a trunk at the foot of the bed for extra linens, pillows, and even clothing. A bookcase can do double duty by storing personal care items, jewelry, and makeup along with a few books staggered on each shelf. 

Dress up your walls with art, photos, or try peel and stick decals that can be easily placed then removed. Your window can also be dressed up. Whether you have functional blinds or not, adding curtains or sheers to either side the window will frame it and add character to the room. 

Finally, finish off your décor with a few small touches to help you sleep at night. Plants like lavender give off a sleep-inducing aroma, jasmine can reduce anxiety, and aloe plants emit oxygen at night to help you sleep. Music can also be beneficial. Keep a mp3 player next to the bed with a small speaker to play relaxing music to help you sleep.