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Simple Décor Changes To Upgrade Your Bathroom

Published Jun 20, 2019
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Your bathroom is where you start and finish your day. 

It should be a place that is fresh and inviting, and makes you feel positive and relaxed. 

In order to help make your bathroom a room you can enjoy,  we've compiled some easy upgrades that can completely change the look and feel of your space.


Shower Curtain Showcase

Create a focal point in your bathroom with your shower curtain. Choose lighter colours for a spa-like feel, and a fabric curtain with a plastic liner will give a softer feel to the room. A curved shower rod will give you more space in the shower extending the curtain out just a little extra.


Remember The Rug

The floor often gets forgotten, but in a rental, you can dress up the floors with patterned plush rugs. Choose darker shades of the colours you chose for your shower curtain, or you can make a pebble or cork rug for a spa-like feel. Dress up your wastebaskets by using a galvanized pail, flowerpot, or something that can hide the trash from sight.


A Vibrant Vanity

Your bathroom vanity can't be physically modified, but there are ways to make changes that will help the fixture blend into your design. Update the knobs and handles so they fit into your design and add some storage to the vanity. If space allows, use baskets or mason jars to store cotton balls, toiletries, or even decorative pebbles.


Upgrade with Greenery

Adding plants is another way to improve the feel of the room and add a touch of relaxation. A snake plant adds colour and height to the design and will happily live in your bathroom in low light! Beautiful blooming orchids thrive in humidity making them a perfect bathroom plant. If you can't place a plant on your vanity, hang smaller pots using Command Display Ledges without damaging the walls.


Wall-to-Wall Warmth

Finish up your design by adding some wall art, framed photos, or mason jars with planted succulents. Hanging an additional mirror can make the space look bigger and even brighten the room. Keep the walls free from damage by using Command Picture Hanging tools. Washi tape is another removable medium that can be added to your walls and doors to create designs and patterns.

With a few simple changes, you can turn your apartment bathroom into your own little oasis!