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Apartment 101: How to be a Good Tenant

Published Jun 16, 2021
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All renters should strive to be good tenants.

When tenants have a good relationship with their landlord or property manager, they may discover added perks like glowing references, favourable lease terms, and even lower rent. 

Not sure how to show your landlord you’re a good tenant? We’ve got some tips for you.

Being a good tenant starts before you move in. Reading and understanding the lease agreement, before you sign it, is the best start. Tenants should read the whole document and understand what they’re agreeing to before signing. Also, make sure any verbal promises are included in the document and any concerns are addressed before signing. 

Understand your lease, and don’t break it for any reason. Familiarize yourself with all the terms. Always contact your landlord before breaking a term to see if you can negotiate. While you may not get what you want, you’ll show your landlord you’re willing to be reasonable and work within their terms. 

Paying your rent on time, consistently, is one of the best ways to be a good tenant. Late payments affect your relationship with your landlord and damage your credit rating. Paying rent on time, every time, shows your landlord you can be trusted. If ever your payment might be late, contact your landlord in advance to discuss a plan for payment. 

Treat your apartment like you own it. This means reporting maintenance issues even if they aren’t affecting you, like a leaking faucet or a running toilet. While these things still work, they’re likely costing your landlord a fortune. Reporting all maintenance issues promptly demonstrates your responsibility and respect for the property. 

In addition, keeping your apartment clean and tidy will show your respect for the landlord and property. Unkept apartments can attract rodents, bugs, and even become a fire hazard. Clean and orderly apartments can help gain trust with a landlord.

Be a good tenant by being a good neighbour. This tip benefits your quality of life as much as those around you. Wherever you live, create a friendly environment by being considerate, friendly, and honest with your neighbours. 

The better your relationship with your landlord, the better your rental experience. If you’re looking for an apartment, we have suites in Edmonton, Red Deer, Vermilion, and Wetaskiwin.