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A New Home

Published Mar 29, 2022

So let me tell you a story about a little lost girl who needed a new home.

It was late 2021 when my life abruptly changed. One minute I was engaged to be married, lived in a beautiful townhouse and feeling quite blessed. The next minute, I was single and trying desperately to figure out how was I going to be able to afford a new place and take care of my son on a part time server's wage.

To be quite honest I wasn't quite sure which direction to go. I had spent my whole life waitressing, and even though I knew I need to change directions, I wasn't even sure I was qualified to do anything else.

Thankfully a good friend and old coworker of mine believed in me even when I didn't. She set me up with an interview for a resident manager position. This would solve both my housing and money problems. This gave me a new direction and career goal; to work in the offices of Ayre and Oxford Inc.

Why? You may ask. Well for a few reasons. First and foremost, my friend, Nicole had been there for ten years and still loved it. Secondly I lived in a property they managed for the past 4 years and felt they did an amazing job plus out if all the management companies out there I hadn't heard one negative comment about this one. And finally, it was the two ladies that interviewed me.

Right away these ladies made me feel comfortable. We clicked right away and their confidence in me quickly became my confidence in myself.

And that was just the beginning.

Everybody I met made me feel just as welcome. The first person I met outside of the office was Kevin, a fellow resident manager. He immediately took me under his wing. He gave me a thorough tour of my new apartment and building. He gave me a ton of advice and his number in case I needed help.

The building was older but still well-maintained. It wasn't located on the nicest area of town but the residents were quiet and for the most part, good people.

Nick, the handyman came by to introduce himself and to do a little maintenance. Almost immediately I dubbed him the best handyman in the world. Being the least handy person I know, I was extremely grateful for his help and his willingness to come around whenever I needed him.

During my initial two weeks I called for help often. Donna, who I found out later is always swamped with work, still always made time for me. After talking to her I always felt heard and validated. I never felt like a burden.

I'll always be thankful for the amazing team that turned into a really good resident manager. Not only did I get the apartment I was looking for, but I was also able to find a home.

Tara Brown