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5 Things You Can do to Prep Your Apartment for Summer

Published Jun 20, 2018
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As the weather warms up, it's time to start prepping your apartment for summer!

Ayre & Oxford have 5 great tips to beat the heat in your apartment.


Block the Sun!

During the day, close your blinds and curtains to completely block out the sun and keep the heat out of your apartment. Other helpful tips using your blinds include:

  • Use washi tape to attach tinfoil (shiny side out) to the backs of your curtains to reflect the heat.
  • If you have cotton or linen curtains, rest the bottoms in a pail of water at night. The water will be absorbed by the fabric and cool the breeze coming in from the open window.



Household appliances throw off excess heat. Unplug or keep your usage to a minimum to cool the apartment down. Minimize your usage with these tips:

  • Run the dishwasher at night and turn off the heat-dry setting.
  • Use the stovetop or a slow cooker for hot meals and always run the exhaust fan to draw out any heat created.


Lights Out!

Even our light bulbs throw off heat, so keep as many lights off as possible throughout your apartment. Switch to LED bulbs, which consume less energy and won't produce nearly as much heat as incandescent or halogen bulbs.


Fan On!

The trick to staying cool is keeping the air moving. Fans are a great way to move the air throughout an apartment. Here are some cool tips:

  • Dual fans that have blades which pull cold air in while pushing hot air out are perfect for bedroom windows.
  • Create cross ventilation with a fan at each end of a room, one pointed outside and the other pointed inside.
  • Set your ceiling fan to rotate counter-clockwise and turn it up to create a cooling effect.



Our hot, humid summers won't allow our sweat to evaporate, so instead we feel wet and uncomfortable. Using a dehumidifier will remove the moisture from the air and make your apartment feel cooler. Other tips include:

  • Wear loose cotton clothing or fabric that will breathe.
  • To help stay cool at night, change to bamboo or cotton sheets.


If your apartment is too hot, check out our cool availabilities today!