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5 Renter-Friendly Upgrades to Elevate Your Space

Published Nov 14, 2023
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An apartment makeover may seem difficult, but not all changes require hammers and nails. In fact, most of them require patience and creative thinking. Let's look at some of the many unique and reversible solutions that will help upgrade your rental space from drab to fab.

Peel And Stick Wallpaper

Expressing your personality on your walls is easy, but some landlords may not be okay with painting or hanging art. If this is the case, put up some removable wallpaper. It is relatively inexpensive and can add personality to your apartment without risking security deposits or eviction. Best of all, it is easy to install and can be removed before moving out. Try it out in your space – create an accent wall or make a statement by wallpapering your entire room. You can even use this on different surfaces like staircases, bookshelves or kitchen islands.

Change Out Your Hardware

A simple and inexpensive change you can make is to change out hardware. This includes drawer and cabinet handles, interior door knobs, and bathroom accessories like toilet seats and a toilet paper or towel holder. This inexpensive project takes no more than 5 minutes and can alter the atmosphere of the apartment, aligning it more with your personal style and adding cohesiveness to the space. These can be changed throughout your lease and replaced with the originals when you plan to move. As an added bonus, you can take them with you to your next home to immediately upgrade that space as well.

Experiment with Window Film

Don’t forget about your windows! While it is common to opt in the direction of curtains and blinds, consider trying window films. With no screwing, nailing or wall damage required, this option is quick and easy. All this satisfying task requires is a squeegee, a soap-water mixture and some patience to help make the seal as strong and tight as possible. Window films have extra benefits including additional privacy, shatter minimization, glare elimination, reduced furniture fading and increased energy savings through heat conservation. Some films can even block 80-90% of UV rays. With many styles and designs available, this addition can help make every element of a room feel coordinated.