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10 Essential Items for Your Bachelor Apartment

Published Jan 30, 2017

Do you love your bachelor apartment but aren't loving the tight storage space?

These 10 essential items will help make your bachelor apartment feel bigger and function better.

  1. Multi-functional furniture can work wonders for increasing storage space, while adding to your decor. Look for coffee or end tables with drawer or shelf storage, kitchen table with storage underneath, a bedframe with drawers, or a daybed that can work as a lounger. If you're unable to add these larger items, consider adding a trunk or footrests that open up to storage space at the end of your bed.

  2. A cutting board that fits over your sink or stove eliminates the need for a separate prep station and will save your counter-tops from cut marks.

  3. A collapsible over the sink colander isn't just handing for cooking purposes- by storing it flat, you can save ample space. Strain, drain, and rinse any pasta or veggies right over your sink then flatten the colander and store in a drawer, on a shelf, or hang inside a cupboard door.

  4. A Mini dish rack is helpful for tight kitchen spaces with little counter-top surface area. Small dish racks can hold up to 5 dinner plates along with cups and cutlery, and it will sit in your sink or take up a small space on your counter. Need more room? Opt for a collapsible dish rack instead that will fold up for easy storage.

  5. Adhesive storage containers are an easy solution when you can't renovate your rental. Attach these to the side of your fridge, inside cupboard doors, or right to the wall to store just about anything. Easy to install with damage free removal, makes these storage containers a must for any apartment.

  6. Great bedding doesn't give you more storage, but it is an integral part of your living space. Let's face it, when your bed is in your living room, you need to dress it up. Choose neutral tones and get plenty of colourful throw pillows to toss on top!

  7. Pub table sets are awesome alternatives to the standard dining tables. With a smaller tabletop and higher setting, you'll save space not only from size, but you can easily tuck the barstools underneath.

  8. Roll out pantries are key when you spend a lot of time in your tiny kitchen. This simple DIY roll out pantry, that fits beside your fridge, will save you cupboard space and help you stay organized in a tiny kitchen.

  9. TV Tables are great for when you need a side table or laptop surface. Just fold up and store out of sight when you're done!

  10. An over-the-toilet storage shelf looks great and makes a great medicine cabinet for apartment bathrooms that don't have one already. If you have little ones at home, it's imperative to keep medicines and other harmful chemicals out of reach. If your bathroom mirror isn't a 2-in-1 cabinet, this storage shelf is a must-have.

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